DHC - Water-friendly Cleansing Oil 150ml

Brand from Japan: DHC. No need for double facial cleansing. Cleansing oil that removes eye makeup and pores from invisible. A cleansing oil that can be easily removed from makeup that is difficult to fall off, and the dirt behind the pores without rubbing it. You can even use it for wet hands, face, bath, and the smooth smooth oil will instantly stick to your makeup. Even hard eye makeup can be removed smoothly, without straining your skin. Furthermore, it wraps around your pores without leaving any dirt, dark spots or excess sebum or old exfoliatin for a clean look. It rinses quickly with water and leads to a refreshing and smooth skin. Formulated with ingredients that prevent skin rashes such as licorice derivatives, aloe extracts, and beauty ingredients such as squalane, and olive virgin oil. Cleansing oil for 20s to maintain moisture and enhance transparency while protecting skin from rashes and dryness. The glue on the eyelash extensions does not melt so you can use it while using the eyelash extension. Depending on the type of adhesive (glue) and the state of the glue, it may not be used. Fragrance-free, color-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free and petroleum surfactant free, mineral oil-free formula. How to use: Take about 3 pushes in your palm, gently massage your makeup and rinse with cold or warm water.No double facial wash. Please remove the stopper on the pump part before use.

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